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What is Marvel Kids All About? is about fun we're THE place for the youngest of Marvel fans to interact with some of the most famous characters ever created: Spider-Man, the X-Men, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and so many more.

The goal of is a child-friendly environment where kids can be entertained and educated about the Marvel super heroes they know and love. Whether they've read a comic book, seen a Marvel character in a TV show, a movie, an older sibling's video game or maybe they own a few Marvel toys our super heroes have a way of becoming a big part of a child's imagination.

Here at, we want to nurture that imagination and further their creative thought by presenting age-appropriate (and super fun!) videos, games, challenges and so much more.

Be sure to visit regularly for updates you and your children are sure to enjoy.

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The Internet can be a dangerous place especially for unsupervised children. At, we abide by a very simple rule: Children should never provide any information about themselves on the Internet without their parent's/guardian's permission.

All parents should read The Marvel Parental Consent Policy contained in the Privacy Policy before letting children go any further on or, for that matter, the Internet itself.

Just so you are aware, children who are under age thirteen (13) who would like to receive the Marvel newsletter(s), order subscriptions, enter certain clubs, etc., or participate in other activities and/or services available on or through must get your permission to do so. Marvel requires your (the parent's/guardian's) written (or electronic) permission to provide us with certain Personal Information.

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