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The Super Hero Squad Show Episode 1

The Squad has a big mission to keep a fractal from Dr. Doom. Falcon is eager to show he's no rookie, but his teammates underestimate him. Meanwhile, Doom employs the disgusting and VERY gassy Mole Man to find the fractal first – but Mole Man gets freaky powerful when he touches it and decides to use his monster buddies to conquer Super Hero City!



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Hero up! Six awesome Super Heroes join forces to save Super Hero City from the uber-evil Dr. Doom and his Lethal Legion. It’s not always easy to be part of a team, but these heroes have to set aside their differences if they want to defend the city from villains. More importantly, they have to recover the lost Infinity Fractals before Dr. Doom can transform the universe by assembling them into the ultimate weapon: the Infinity Sword!

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